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November 29, 2018
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MZ ETZ 250

MZ 250 with modified gearbox and handmade mono-wheel trailer.

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History & Specifications

Model history Since 1920 2-stroke motorcycle engines were first created and then manufactured in the Zschopau factory in the formerly communist East German state of Saxony, by 1923 the company had been renamed DKW and in 1956 the manufacturing works were called VEB Motorradwerk Zschopau, or MZ for short.MZ motorcycles were renowned for their robust single and twin engines and cutting-edge two stroke design which were put to use by commuters the world over and also those in Enduro and Road Racing.

In 1970 the millionth MZ motorcycle was rolling off the conveyor belt which was an ETS 250 Trophy Sport, and by 1983 the two millionth MZ off the production line is an ETZ 250 with disc brakes (drum brakes remained an option) and 12-volt electrics.

In 1990 MZ is privatised and in 1993 enters receivership with the ETZ patent being sold first to Turkey and the company being renamed MuZ, and then the patent travelling to Malaysia. In 1999 the ‘u’ is dropped from the name MuZ. In December 2008 MZ ceased operations with the Zschopau factory closing, halting the production of motorcycles that had lasted over 88 years in the same location.

Make MZ
Model  ETZ
Body type  Café Racer
Engine  249 cc
Engine configuration  2-stroke single cylinder
Power 19 – bhp @ 5200 – rpm
Torque  – lb ft @ – rpm
Transmission 4 speed
Top Speed – mph (- kph)
0 – 60 mph seconds
Fuel consumption – mpg
Weight – lb (- kg)
Length -‘ -” (- m)
Width -‘ -” (- m)
Height -‘ -” (- m)
Production period